The Unusual Suspects

The Ultimate Party Band

Kevin - Vocals


Kevin runs a Video Conferencing company and finds singing is a great distraction from the stresses and strains of work. He has a wide range of tastes when it comes to music but likes to stretch his vocal chords on challenging numbers. Kevin was attracted to the band because he loved the feel, the culture, the fun and the desire to entertain and perform well. By day Kevin likes to spend lots of time with his family, he is married to Sarah and they have an 8 year old girl, Mollie. Kevin also has two older children in their 20s.

Andy - Brass, Trumpet & Harmonica

Having left the armed forces where he was working as helicopter test pilot, Andy now flies B737s for Jet2 airline.  Andy predominantly plays the saxophone but also adds other brass into the music with the trumpet and harmonica. The band is his passion and basically provides his social and recreational life outside of a busy family that includes a very patient wife, 2 boys and a princess. When not playing the saxophone, he likes to unwind on the piano on which he is ‘assistant’ teacher to his eldest son James.  


Andrew - Bass

 Mitch was allowed to join the band only after he'd promised to give up his teaching career and become a test pilot!! With rock, punk and indie roots, he'll give most types of music a whirl but draws the line at manufactured girl and boy bands. He loves the buzz of playing in the Unusual Suspects because they are a truly entertaining live act with a wide-ranging repertoire from the 1960s to the present day. As part of the band's 'engine room', Mitch plays a Fender Jazz Bass through a Laney hardcore amp with subtle or trouser-flapping results as required!!

Graham - Guitar

 Graham (known as Dan) is an indie boy at heart and listens to guitar driven music by bands like Oasis, Supergrass and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  He loves the musical diversity of The Unusual Suspects and really enjoys the wide range of material the band covers.  Favourite guitarists include Larry Miller, Gary Moore, George Harrison and Jimi Hendrix. Graham was a fighter pilot in the RAF for 16 years and now works as the Chief Test Pilot for an aviation company based in Bournemouth.  He plays a left handed Stratocaster through a Mesa Boogie amp and contributes both rhythm and lead guitar. 

James - Keyboards & Vocals

  James was seconded to The Unusual Suspects in 2008, and had so much fun he forgot to leave!  He co-founded the highly successful Rhythm Addicts duo in 1996, and plays or guests in several other bands.  Gigging since 1989, James has appeared on TV with his original act Swervacious, and his debut single has aired on both sides of the Atlantic.  Musical tastes are diverse, but soul, 80s pop, and 70s prog rock are amongst his favourite genres.  Several years of motorbiking madness caused him to retire his beloved ZX9R (before it retired him!), and now he drives a laptop during the day.  He even learnt to fly light aircraft at 17, and is still trying to blag a ride in a EuroFighter with Graham... ;)

Pete - Drums

 Pete 'the beat' has played with a variety or bands over the years from musical theatre to rock and jazz. Musical tastes vary and he generally likes the best bits of everything from Punk to Paganini.  No longer the new boy, Pete was attracted to the band by the variety of songs that we play and the enthusiasm of our performances and can't wait to get stuck in to our forthcoming gigs.  By day, Pete is a financial adviser in Bournemouth and enjoys playing as a great way of taking his mind off of the credit crunch.